Greece – Why Even Bother?

Seriously, I can’t think of even ONE good reason to go to Greece. 

I mean – so many of the buildings are old and not at all beautiful…


And even the newer ones are boring to look at…


It isn’t like you can find amazing man-made accomplishments entwined with incredibly unique nature


The seaside villages aren’t even picturesque

And the big cities aren’t attractive at all


The vistas are just blah


The colour of the water is just  so dull! Who would want to photograph this??


Nothing to see at all ;-P there are many types of writing I love  and satire is one of them. Greece gets a lot of press coverage and it certainly isn’t all favourable. No matter what issues the country may have in the eyes of Western media it is a beautiful, wonderful, unique place – and this post only covers the physical country! Just wait until I get started on the food and wonderful people!

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Santorini Gallery

The work week is almost done, and armchair travelling is almost as good as the real thing. So here are some blue, white, and wanderlust filled pictures to rev that travel engine and maybe entice you to see more than just the sunset at Oia!



The Road from Aigos Nikolaos


One Canadian, One Aegean 


The Caldera, ft. Red Hair


How Much Blue Do You Even Need


Red Beach


Fish Taverna near Akotiri



My Ugly Ass Feet at Amoudi Bay


Because a Boat


The LightHouse


Ok Maybe ONE Sunset Shot ;-P