Greece – Why Even Bother?

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  1. Love this idea! (And Greece looks terrible…who’d ever want to go there?!) Just kidding. I love a good satirical post 😉 I’ve been wanting to go to Greece for so long, and this just increased my wanderlust!

    1. Well when you make your booking, because you simply HAVE to go to Greece 😂 if you have any questions feel free to ask 🙂

  2. Jenna Kvidt says:

    Love the incorporation of Instagram photos. Gorgeous photos and they really make me want to go back! Totally agree with you–Greece is sooo amazing! We absolutely loved exploring, and the only problem was that 2 weeks wasn’t even close to enough time. Guess we need to go back again soon 🙂

    1. Greece is brilliant- the problem with two week holidays is just that! I went out for two weeks once. Stayed three months 😂

  3. Allison Wong says:

    I don’t understand why people wouldn’t go to Greece after seeing this post. Greece is so beautiful and I want to go there too!

    1. Favourite place in the world – for many reasons! 😁

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