3 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Friends – At Least Once

So Part 2 of my ‘At Least Once’ series is about travelling with your mates. A lot of people in my experience only travel one way, alone/on tours/with SO. But a format which seems to be oddly neglected post-university/collage years is the friends trip.

Actually completing the friends trip that is. Every group of friends has had The Plan. It goes something like this:


However, grab three or four of your most awesome friends and actually GO on the trip, because….

1. While I will generally travel solo to any destination heading to Turkey a few years ago I had a few concerns. However, Turkey fitted in nicely with the plans I had to go visit my Swedish friends and four of us decided on a two week Turkish adventure. Having been to Turkey I would not hesitate to go back solo, and this experience is still one of the best I have had. Travelling with a group of friends is probably the best way to explore a destination you aren’t quite confident enough to venture to on your own. It’s kinda like an organised tour but with people you already like!


2. It’s a totally different experience. Walking around bazars on your own is awesome, you find amazing things and spend as long as you like there. With a group though you go looking for things that you wouldn’t have yourself. When it comes to food there’s no shame in eating alone, but with a group you can eat family style aka the best style– and eat a small amount of all of the things. You can travel by taxi, depending on the size of your group, for an affordable amount rather than having to take out a personal loan. And you can go out without the half-thought of ‘what if I end up the weirdo loner at the bar’ because you got your crew.


3. Travelling with your friends can actually be REALLY fun. Everyone had heard horror stories of ‘that time a girl I know had a fight with all the people she was travelling with and ended up stranded in Thailand’ or ‘he was the only one who didn’t want to spend every night in bars popping MDMA and had a terrible time’. Lesson here is – choose the friends you go away with. When you pick right, you are in an awesome destination with some of your favourite people.

3* Bonus point – you can get photos of yourself travelling that aren’t selfies for once!


The pros of group travel, when done right, are immense. So make the effort, make The Plan work, and go somewhere awesome with you nearest and dearest.


14 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Friends – At Least Once

  1. I usually travel with my SO at this point, but I used to do only solo travel. It’s so nice having someone to laugh with stuff about and just do girly stuff with!

  2. Yes, yes & more yes! Unfortunately travel can make or break a friendship, but if you’ve got good pals like you said – the adventures & laughter are endless!

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  4. I’ve traveled with friends a couple of times, and it was such a memorable experience. The key for me is to really communicate ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page.

  5. I would love to be able to travel with friends but the last time I did that, well, lets say that we are no longer best friends or even friends. And you are exactly right, it starts off as a group and then you’re down to yourself. But I totally hear what you’re saying, its nice to have someone to talk with, laugh with, etc. It truly is a entirely different experience.

    • I am so sorry to hear that it went badly 😦 That’s so unfortunate. Travelling with friends can be amazing, but some friends are not for travelling with – when you do find people you can really travel with it is amazing! Good luck, and Happy travels!

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