Wednesdays are Hard  – 3 tiny ways to make it easier 

Sitting at the desk of my day job it is all I can do not to be staring out the window at the clouds. They aren’t even nice clouds. The sky is just blotted out with monochrome grey. I work 9-5 three days a week and Wednesdays are always the hardest for me. 

So I thought I would put together a quick post, some photos and some strategies to push through this midweek “meh”. 

1. Listen, and travel vicariously. 

I am lucky enough to have an office job where I am permitted to wear my headphones as I work. More often than not I am listening to a travelogue or podcast. It’s not travel, but it elicits the ghost of that anticipation, that excitement, and all those little frustrations we secretly love  💙

This one is my favourite – look out for a review soon 💙

2. Plan plan plan 

This can be in your head or sneakily on your lunch break. You don’t have to be hopping countries or continents to travel. I recently discovered a gorgeous bit of sand about an hours ride from me, you can all guess what I will be doing next sunny day 

Sarcastic Australian will always appear somewhere

3. Have a chat 

Start a conversation with someone, a friend you travelled with or a friend you *made* while travelling. There’s something magic about travel, people with lives so different from our own are often not encountered – but travel levels you. I’ve shared dorm rooms with a chemical engineer from Ethiopia, a taxi with a multi millionaire marketing guru from Seattle, and a sunbed umbrella with a professional stoner (her description not mine). If you don’t keep in contact with your travel friends, get on a forum, join a FB group, there are so many travel nuts willing to talk night and day about that thing we all chase 

So, these things might not cure your wanderlust; but they might just make your Wednesday Wanderlust more bearable. Happy travels! 


20 thoughts on “Wednesdays are Hard  – 3 tiny ways to make it easier 

  1. I do always find myself with wanderlust on Wednesdays. There’s just something about Hump Day! Recently I’ve been planning my trip to Scandinavia on my breaks. It definitely helps!

  2. great tips! My job requiers more concentration though, so there is no time to think about other things usually – but i do this kind of travel day dreaming on my way to work and back home n the car! Which is fairly 2hrs of my every day ;).

    • That’s so funny I’m the opposite, my job is very much second nature – I write about local history – so there’s plenty of brain capacity but commuting through a city on motorbike my mind is 100% occupied on my way in and home XD

    • My last job was not a job I liked, 90% planning 😂

      Podcasts? I am probably way out of touch, ive sort of stayed obsessed with the same people for years. I like Travel With Rick Steves, the Amateur Traveller, Indie Travel Podcast, Extra Pack of Peanuts, and I’ve just started Adventure Rider Radio – what about you?

  3. I agree with you that these tips help. Especially planning a new trip in your head. I also manage to escape the harsh boring reality just like that

  4. Great tips for the dreaded Wednesday! I am lucky that my best friend is my travel partner and my sister is always down for an adventure. Whenever I have a long stretch at home, it is always fun to get them on the phone and start planning our next trip!

  5. I work a day job too, and although it isn’t 9-5, I definitely dream about travel and far-off places at work! It’s also a great time to do research for upcoming trips during my lunch break 🙂

  6. I am always planning travel to get through those travel down-times, but I really love the idea of listening to travel podcasts! Something I’ve never tried before! Do you have any favorites that you’d recommend listening to?

    • Oh yes!! hahah I listen to:
      Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
      The Amateur Traveller
      Indie Travel Podcast
      Travel With Rick Steves
      just started Travel Like a Boss

      Enjoy! and if you find any awesome ones let me know!

  7. I know what you mean, Wednesdays are hard! But it helps to think about the next big adventure ahead and look for inspiration 🙂

  8. I can completely relate to you. Wednesdays are hard since it is the middle day of the week. We will be waiting for the waiting and the urge to do something always make us restless. Very nice article

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